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  • Dr. Martina Dawoud

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Mental Health as a Journey

Years ago it was the role of the therapist to diagnose, define, and normalize mental illness to the patient. Now the roles are reversed and it is common for the patient to describe their experiences through clinical terms that the therapist once had to define and normalize. While it is a beautiful thing that society has made space for mental health, there is still work to be done on removing stigmas surrounding these discussions. Our simple goal is to bring clarity and practicality to some mental health “buzzwords,” with hopes of continuing to normalize mental health, while also normalizing discomfort. Through doing this, we hope to explore what mental illness is and sometimes is not. As we walk this journey we’ll be finding tools and opportunities for anyone to create new perspectives on situations throughout their day-to-day. Our hope is for all people to find new ways to lead more peaceful, healthy lives. Join us and find your peace of mindfulness.


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